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Birthdays: September 29, Jen - August 15, Justin - July 20, Shane - July 29, Kara - March 26

The Ministry

The Hilton family lives on a hospital ship named the M/V Anastasis 7 (Anastasis means "Resurrection" in Greek.) They spends approximately 7 months a year in various West African nations performing many life changing surgeries for people who would otherwise have no hope of medical intervention. The remaining 5 months of the year are spent in various European ports where medical supplies, food and other necessities are procured for the upcoming outreach phase in Africa. Ken works as Head Plumber on the ship. Jennifer works as Coordinator of Mercy Ministries. Mercy Ministries creates opportunities for those who work on the ship in various capacities to join a team of people who regularly visit orphanages, polio communities, prisons and hospitals on the weekends. MM also looks for simple, practical service projects(ie. painting a school) that teams can bless a community with. The children attend a small Christian school located on B-Deck.

Mercy Ships Mission

Mercy Ships, a global charity, has operated ships in developing nations since 1978. Following the example of Jesus, Mercy Ships brings hope and healing to the poor, mobilizing people and resources worldwide.

Message from the Hiltons - September 7, 2011

Hello dear friends,

Many thanks for your thoughts, prayers and support during this challenging summer.  I traveled to NH with Leela on June 11th not knowing how long i might be needed by mom and dad.  Dad's kidney cancer had metastasized and the doctors, at first, "gave" him 6 to 9 months to live.  At the end of July, he was hospitalized again and needed emergency surgery due to a blocked bile duct-- without surgery he would have lasted only days.  I picked him up from the hospital for the last time on August 10th.  He lived on IV fluids, very little food and much love for 17 days.  Sadly, i felt after almost 11 wks away from home that i needed to go to TX for a bit and see that Kara was settled into a new school.  I flew out the early morning of August 24th, knowing it was likely i was saying goodbye to my father for the last time on earth.  On Saturday the 27th, my sister called to tell me dad was fading and she put me on the phone to him-- i told him again how much i loved him and reminded him he had a better place to be and that it was okay to leave.  He took his last breath just a few minutes later- my mom and sister by his side and me on the phone.

His memorial service will be this Sunday, Sept. 11th at the Community Church of Alton where they were active members for years.  Death is difficult no matter how it presents itself.  We are grateful to God for the many mercies that we will continue to remember and to testify of in the days ahead.   We value your prayers-- especially for my mom as the transition to "widow" after 46 yrs. of marriage is one of the hardest ones to face in this life.

My dad was a wonderful man, full of wisdom that comes from a relationship with God the Father.  He taught me much, as did my mother-- and i am so very thankful.   May our God be near to all of you in the storms of life.  We are finding Him faithful.


With love,   Jennifer and Ken Hilton

Prayer Requests

God Working in Hearts
That God would lead us to the individuals He has chosen for us to help while we are there.

Patience in Hardships
For patience and perseverance as we live with water restrictions over the months we are in Liberia.

Regular Financial Help
For more regular monthly financial support.

Strength for Ken
Strength for Ken as he manages many people seeking to maximize work done with an ever changing number of skilled and unskilled men and a limited amount of tools and materials.

The Kids
For Justin, Shane and Kara as they grow and mature. That God would use the things they see and hear to water the seeds of faith and maturity in each of their lives.

We praise God for the wonderful 3 month rest we have had here in Missions House. God has been incredibly faithful in meeting our financial need since we have been home!
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