Hiroshi & Tomoko Tokoi 
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Mailing Address: 2-4-12, Hiraka-gakuen-dai • Inba, Chiba 270-1606 • Japan • Asia

Birthdays: Hiroshi - November 13, Tomoko - July 26, Ray - October 1, Kay - December 18, Hiroshi and Tomoko's Anniversary - September 25

The Ministry

The Goal of life ministries is to make Jesus Christ known, loved and served in Japan and throughout Asia. Hiroshi and Tomoko are national missionaries in Japan. They are working to start and strengthen Japanese churches. This is accomplished by partnering with and training both Pastors and congregations as well as through evangelism and leadership training.

About Hiroshi & Tomoko

Hiroshi and Tomoko are planting a church near Tokyo, Japan. Hiroshi came to Christ at Tokorozana Christian Fellowship, when Fred and Joy Cheney were on the church planting team there in the 1980's. Hiroshi and Tomoko have been blessed with outgoing personalities and strong faith. This has proved very helpful as they work in a culture that is resistant to Christianity.

About Japan

Japan is the size of California, with half the population of the US (140,000,000.) Only ½ of 1% are Christians. There are incredible spiritual demonic and sociological forces preventing the gospel from spreading throughout Japan. Pray that hearts would be softened towards Jesus and that the Holy Spirit would bring the country through revival.

Prayer Requests

That God-focused relationships would built between the Tokoi's and those living near NARITA airport

For adequate financial support

Family Evangelism
That the grace and peace of Christ would guide them as they interact with non-Christian family members

For Ray's spinal bifida, which requires ongoing treatment and extra finances
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International Missions
International Missions opportunities are scheduled throughout the year.  Please see the calendar on this page for more detail.