Bob & Jean Whittet 
Center for Student Leadership (USA)


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Birthdays: Bob - March 25, Jean - August 7, Ethan - September 10, Justin - February 15, Aaron - August 10, Amanda - August 10, Bob and Jean's Anniversary - August 30

The Ministry

The Center for Student Leadership provides opportunities for students and church leaders to grow in their development as disciples of Christ. CSL organizes events which encourage students to mature in their faith and leadership responsibilities as they fellowship with other believers. CSL sponsors Student Leadership Weekend, Regional Gym Jams, as well as training events and workshops for both youth workers and parents. Through CSL, Bob also assists churches seeking to start and/or strengthen their youth ministries.

About Short Term Missions

Short term mission trips, are a very effective way for students to grow in their trust for God, reach out to the world and develop leadership skills. CSL currently has trips going to Wales (for evangelism and apologetics) and another service orientated trip to Bolivia. As a result of these trips unbelievers have been brought to the Lord, and the students have had their life priorities changed to line up with God's passion for winning a lost world to Himself.

Prayer Requests

Student Relationships
For continuing opportunities for sharing with and encouraging students

Mission Teams
That upcoming missions teams would be formed, financed, and spiritually prepared for their work

God's Provision
Praise for God's provision, and that He would continue to supply the Whittet's needs

Our College Kids
That God would nurture and care for Ethan and Justin at college

God leading our kids
That they would be sensitive to the Lord's leading for the future of the ministry

Students Spiritual Growth
That students would be challenged to maturity in their faith and evangelism
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International Missions
International Missions opportunities are scheduled throughout the year.  Please see the calendar on this page for more detail.