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Campus Crusade for Christ (USA)


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Birthdays: Kevin - October 3, Maureen - October 5, Brian - February 23, Peter - April 6, Mallory - May 5, Gary - May 16, Jonathan - July 3, Bethany - May 1, Kevin and Maureen's Anniversary - May 29

The Ministry

Kevin serves as the Internship Coordinator for the Northeast Region. He is responsible for recruiting, training, and sending one year interns to work on campuses throughout the New York/ New England region as well as to partnering countries in Central and Eastern Asia.

About Kevin & Maureen

Kevin and Maureen served in Russia for 6 years. (1994-2000) They desire to return to Moscow, but at this time have discerned a call to take care of Kevin's mother as they serve as senders here in the states.

Prayer Requests

Ministry with CCC: East Asia Staff and Interns
Our staff and interns in East Asia have experienced greater pressure from the government in this closed country. Pray for wisdom and courage to continue the work.

Ministry with CCC: East Asia manpower
Our work in Central Asia needs more manpower. Pray for a team of men and women to be sent there this fall. There are 5 national women carrying the load of the campus ministry and they need our help.

Ministry with CCC: US Teams
For teams of interns to be sent to our U.S. campuses in the Northeast. We have seen the effectiveness of teams being sent overseas and we would like to see that happen here in the U.S. We have strong teams of interns in New York and Boston and we would like to see strong teams of interns on campuses throughout the region.

Local Family Ministry: New Believers
Pray for the couples who have recently come to Christ: Frank and Chris, Scott and Nancy, Steve and Pam, Dave and Anne. Pray that they would grow in their walks with the Lord, saturate every area of a walk you can think of with prayer.

Local Family Ministry: Seekers
Pray for the other couples we are working with: Dee and Vicki, Steve and Sharon, Randy and Nancijo. Pray for their growth. Pray for our time with all of the mentioned couples, that it would be productive and that they would be multiplying disciples of Christ.

Our Family
For our family. Pray for daily strength for Mo as she manages our home and takes care of my mother. Pray for our older kids; Brian, Peter, and Mallory. Pray that God would use them for His glory in public school. Pray for our younger kids; Gary, Jonathan, and Bethany. Pray for wisdom to raise them and all the love we need to care for them in or full house!
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International Missions
International Missions opportunities are scheduled throughout the year.  Please see the calendar on this page for more detail.