Bruce & Miriam Saldi 
World Outreach Ministries (Bolivia)


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Birthdays: Bruce - November 26, Miriam - September 27, Daniel - October 5, Steven - July 19

Bruce and Miriam's Anniversary - December 12

Daniel and Caitlin's Anniversary - May 18

Steve and Olivia's Anniversary - June 7

The Ministry

Bruce and Miriam are using the Word of God to effect positive change in the community of La Paz. They are working toward change in family life, marriage, parent child relationships, education, cleanliness, and a protestant work ethic. This is being accomplished through 4 avenues: 1. A leadership training Center which brings community leaders through a chronological bible course, equipping them for missions. 2. Working with both the Aymara and Quechua rural people groups, training the local leaders to bring change within their community. 3. City wide mission conferences, challenging and equipping local lay people to bring the gospel to the world. 4. Establishing a Christian English speaking school this provides a Christian education for the future leaders of the country.

About the Saldi Family

Bruce grew up in Hampton, New Hampshire and was an electrician by trade. In November of 1984 He left for Bolivia to serve with Food for the Hungry. Miriam graduated from college as a licensed social worker and was the supervisor of the child sponsorship program in La Paz.  They have transitioned from Food for the Hungry and are now serving with World Outreach Ministries.  Daniel and Caitlyn are living in Indiana, and Steve and Olivia are in Pennsylvania. 

Prayer Requests

  • The raising up of likeminded future leadership for the church
  • The Lord's leading in all that they do, especially concerning Bruce's teaching role
  • Wisdom for the many couseling opportunities that arise for Miriam and Bruce
  • A spiritual awakening among the Aymara Indians in the rural area where they minister
  • A more reasonable rent situation for their congregation and offices in the city of La Paz


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International Missions
International Missions opportunities are scheduled throughout the year.  Please see the calendar on this page for more detail.