Joel and Tara Thapa
First Love International (India)


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Birthdates:  Joel: May 19, Tara: February 15, Abhishek: August 2, 2004, Arpan: December 5, 2008

Wedding Anniversary:  March 12


Joel and Tara are the directors of the First Love Children’s Home of North Bengal located in Siliguri, India. There are presently 34 children in this home, plus Joel and Tara’s own two sons (Abhishek and Arpan). Some of the children in this home were rescued from brothels. In addition to running the children’s home, Joel and Tara conduct kid’s clubs in outlying impoverished areas in Darjeeling and Sikkim, are involved in compassionate outreach, assist widows, and lead short-term mission teams.  They lead a tutoring center in a place called Tea Garden and are currently serving around 50 children through this avenue.  The Lord has brought much fruit through their ministries, as many people are coming to Christ and Joel and Tara are seeing much progress being made overall.

About Joel and Tara

Joel was born in Sikkim, India.   At the age of 10 he prayed to receive Jesus as his personal savior.   His parents, formerly Hindus, had encouraged Joel since childhood to serve the Lord. Upon graduation from high school in 2000, Joel, with a group of his friends decided to go to bible school in Nepal.   This is where he met Tara, a young Nepali girl who had grown up in Nagaland, India.   Tara’s father, a pastor, had planted a church in Bhakunde, Nepal. Joel and Tara were married in 2003.   Joel subsequently earned his bachelors degree from Asian Theological Seminary. He and Tara love the Lord and love one another.   They have a passion to reach out to “the least of these” with the love of Jesus.

Prayer Requests

  • Children's needs - food, shelter, clothing, education
  • The church and support for a pastor; one pastor is in need of support in order to move his family closer to the church.  They are hoping to have him move as soon as possible.
  • In February (2014) the Thapas lost their car and motorcycle; prayers for their protection and need of a car
  • Joel and Tara are praying to start a scholarship program for the poor and needy children; the children who they are unable to take into the Children's Home.  Pray for support for their food and education.  These children will likely be from the Tea Garden area and from the slums. 
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