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Birth dates: Bob - March 15, Bobbie - April 1
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Bob and Bobbie serve with First Love International Ministries. Bob is the Director of Overseas Ministry Development and Bobbie is the Director of Women’s Ministries.   Bob and Bobbie lived in Kathmandu, Nepal from 1998 to 2008.  Though they now have a townhouse in the USA, they continue to spend most of the year overseas.

Bob and Bobbie’s ministry has included the establishment of four children’s homes in Nepal, a home in India targeting children of prostitutes, Tabitha House (a residential home for widows), and a hostel in Kathmandu for college children.   They are also involved in church planting, evangelism, and discipleship.   With the goal of providing ongoing local support for their projects, they have established various income generating projects including a quilt store, banana plantation, chicken farm, and pig farm.  

About Bob and Bobbie

Bob is a former high school teacher, principal and superintendent of schools.   Bobbie was trained as a medical lab technician.   Bobbie enjoys sewing, quilting, and teaching and has used these skills in her ministry to women.   They have four children and ten grandchildren. 

Dear Praying Friends,

I am writing from Parshadhap, Nepal.   I flew to India last week and spend three days there prior to coming to Nepal on Sunday afternoon.   My purpose in coming early was first of all, to encourage Joel and Tara in India, and second, to prepare for the team that will be arriving in Delhi on Sunday.   I will be meeting them there.

As I had written in our February 6th update, last month thieves had broken into our children's home compound in India and took our car and motorcycle.   The police have not been able to recover either and the insurance does not cover the loss.   Thanks to some special gifts, I had the opportunity to take Joel and Tara shopping and purchased a very nice scooter to replace the motorcycle!   They opted for a scooter so that both Joel and Tara could use it.   We will need to wait on the car as there are too many other pressing needs.
img 0407

Tara sitting on the new scooter to take it home.  I think she is happy!

It is always a joy to visit our children.   We have one new little girl in Siliguri.   Her name is Salina Bishwakarma.   She is 7 years old and is the older sister of Rohit, a little boy who arrived at the home the day we moved the children into the new facility in September.   Both of their parents had died.   Salina had been living with a relative, but the relative could not provide for her needs.   Please pray for this sweet little girl and let me know if you would like to become her sponsor.

img 0396

Salina (yellow top) with the other children on Saturday morning.   

The kids were gathering together for morning devotions.   

Joel and Tara do an amazing job with the children, as do all of our directors.

Also in the February 6th update, I told you about Vidhya (one of our First Love Nepal Board Members) and Suraj (the Director of our Children's Home in Bhakunde).   Both of these young adults have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C.   Vidhya has been receiving injections once a week for the last month and just received a report that her body is responding positively to the treatment!  She is greatly encouraged and wants to thank all of you for your prayers and the financial support we have given to her through our Compassion Fund.

Because Vidhya has spoken so highly about her doctor and the care that she is receiving, we asked her to arrange for Suraj to see this same doctor.   Suraj went with her a couple of weeks ago and the doctor ordered another viral load test on him, since the one that he had was over a year old.  We thought that Suraj's case was not as severe as Vidhya's.   However, he just received the results of a new blood test and found out that he is actually worse.   It is quite serious.  Suraj is going to accompany Vidhya to the hospital again this week and receive his first weekly injection tomorrow.  Please pray for him.   The cost is quite high for the treatment, so please let me know if you would like to help with this critical need. 

I drove to Parshadhap yesterday with James, Muktuk, and Deep.   Deep and Muktuk are going to build tables for the table saw and router so that we can make some bunk beds and other furniture with the team when we all arrive back here on March 13th.    

I look forward to meeting Prakash later today.   The 500+ chickens that he and his team have been raising for the last month and a half are ready to be sold.  They are just waiting a little while to see if the market price increases before selling them.   Since I was here a month ago, they have put in a well at the senior property and have started to make their own cement blocks in order to build a wall.

Please continue to lift up Bobbie in your prayers.   We long to be together, but she is still not ready to travel.

Thank you so much for reading all of our updates and for your love and prayers.

God bless you.


Bob (and Bobbie)



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