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Birthdays: Deme - April 10, Marta - March 22

Deme and Marta's Wedding Anniversary - January 31

The Ministry

Marta and Deme are presently providing food relief to the more than 253,000 people in the 180-mile circumference around Yetebon. Since 1993, Marta and Deme have focused Project Mercy's efforts in community development in Yetebon addressing people's basic needs for education, health care, and vocational skills with the goal of sharing Christ.

About Project Mercy

Project Mercy works together with the rural community in Yetebon, Ethiopia in tangible ways to help them become sustainable. In what has now become Ethiopia's worst famine, Project Mercy is also involved in food relief efforts. As they systematically disperse aid to the greatest needs first, they ensure the most critically malnourished receive the sustaining help they desperately need. The community development and education programs also are helping to diminish the previous 100% illiteracy rate and lack of long-term skills. The development project is helping the community to become self-sufficient and providing hope for their future - physically and spiritually.

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About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the world's most impoverished states, with annual per-capita income of barely US$100 and a population of 65 million people, of whom nearly two-thirds are illiterate. Although the country exports small amounts of coffee, sugar cane, oilseeds, hides, and beeswax, it remains highly indebted to foreign banks, and poverty and diseases are rampant. Although many agree on the gravity of the situation in Ethiopia and elsewhere in Africa, not all agree on the solution.  (


Project Mercy Prayer Requests & Praise Report - July 2014
Please be in prayer for:

  • The older students are about to begin the Summer Literacy training among some of the community families.  Please pray that as they go two by two through the mountainous terrain, they are safe and will find those families who are eager to learn basic arithmetic and math as well as preventative health education.  Teaching the family for about one month creates a bond that sometimes allows the students to also share their Christian testimony with the families.  May the Lord's witness be seen and embraced!

  • Kalkidan, the young Yetebon girl who came to the States with a brain tumor that was surgically removed, now needs additional surgery.  After some testing, it was discovered that Kalkidan has another tumor.  Would you please pray for the surgeon who will be operating on her as well as for Kalkidan's recovery?  She was scheduled for surgery July 2nd but the surgeon had an emergency appendectomy.  The surgery will be scheduled soon and your prayers are appreciated.

  • Some of the Project Mercy House Kids who have relatives are going to spend the summer months with them until school starts back up.  Please pray for their safety and well being.

  • Please keep Lali, PM's Addis Director (and Marta's son), and his wife, Wanda, in your prayers for the Lord's provision for the many things they do through their work for PM in order to help the work run as smooth as possible.  Please also pray for Wanda and her two girls' safety and well being as they will be coming stateside this month for a few weeks.

  • Please pray for Zondra, one of our full time teacher volunteers, who will be returning for her fifth year in September!  May the Lord bless her time stateside next month with friends and family - she is such a blessing!

  • Please keep the Health Science College in your prayers that God will call those who are committed to make a difference in maternal health in rural Ethiopia.  There is a serious need for midwives and anesthesiologists.

  • Please pray for God's continued leading and guiding in all Project Mercy is doing in Ethiopia in order to impact many lives physically and spiritually.  Jesus said..."whatever you do for the least of do for ME." (Matt. 25:40)  It is our mandate to be HIS hand extended to the lost and needy as we partner together in faithfully serving HIM. 

Thank you once again for your partnership... God bless you!

  Project Mercy



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